Introducing Webfoot Guardian


A new and exciting development at Webfoot is our new managed hosting and security plan now being offered called Guardian. As just one of the many Webfoot Dynamic Solutions we offer our customers, Guardian has been specifically developed to battle against the ever growing threats posed by hackers and malicious code injections to sites that are not regularly monitored or updated. The Guardian managed hosting and security plan ensures that your website coding is up to date, secure and safe from compromising situations. Rest assured that using Guardian is a critical step in the right direction for your business and securing your online resources.

Guardian, includes all of the following services:

security Monthly hosting on our dedicated secure servers.

playlist_add_check Monthly maintenance and security checks of the site.

cached Automatic software updates and patches as they are released.

storage Weekly backup of site files and your complete website.

money_off Webfoot will clean and restore your site at no charge, in the event of a successful attack.

restore Rapid response to any downtime or issues with the site caused by an external threat.




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The Facts

Your business, organization, or non- profit needs a web presence! One of the first places customers go to find what they are looking for is the internet. If people can't find your website, whose site will they find?

Let's face it, the internet has become an integral part of our economy. Without a web presence, a business may be considered "behind the times." Working with Webfoot Designs is easy, we just need an opportunity to prove it to you! We can get you website results that exceed your expectations for a fraction of the cost of those "Other Guys."

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Our competitors generally buy ready-made cookie-cutter templates and then modify them to their customers’ needs. We find this process to be less than desirable and we take a completely opposite approach.

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